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Download ldap-preg_replace - a tool to bulk check the existence of LDAP entries

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Whats that?

It is a small command line tool written in perl that allows you to easily check the existence of LDAP entries based on huge lists.
For example, if you got a CSV file containing employeeNumbers and want to see if there is an LDAP entry for those employees in your corporate directory or AD, this tool is what you need.

What can it do?

It can do:

How does it work?

It is very simple since it runs from command line. Just download it and call it without parameters. This will give you all options that can be set. Calling it with the "-h" parameter even gives some more advice.
Additionally, you can find a more detailed documentation in the release package describing the internals.

Basicly, it reads a line from STDIN, builds a dynamic LDAP filter and searches with that filter. If an entry is found, its DN is printed to STDOUT, if not, a message is shown instead.

Where can i download

You can download the latest development version from svn:
svn co ldap-srchentr

Or just download the latest file release from the project page at sourceforge!